Le Bazaar

While the laid-back island life may inspire you to try out a barefoot vacation (it is better, after all), it doesn't mean you can't pull off that classy boho-chic look you've been dreaming of. And if you are looking for the perfect outfit, Le Bazaar has to be on the top of your list of shops to visit.

This beautifully decorated boutique brings Paris and New York to Holbox, so you can hit the town looking effortlessly fashionable in a classic ‘island style’. As well as a range of both national and international clothing labels and bikinis, Le Bazaar also has a number of stunning gift options (for a loved one or yourself, of course) including finely woven throws, perfumes, and jewellery.

Even if it's just for a little window shopping, you must stop by this classy boutique during your stay. We are sure you'll find it impossible to leave empty handed!

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Take a look at the new Kurve collection of jewellery - beautiful for any occasion and can be dressed up or down.

Credit cards accepted:  Mastercard Visa 
Amenities: English spoken
Opening Times: Tue-Sun 11:00am to 11:00pm, Mon closed

Coqui Coqui Perfumería in Le Bazaar

Bottles of Coqui Coqui Perfume

When in Mexico, it makes sense to wear Mexican, doesn’t it? Or in this case, smell Mexican…

Inspired by the exotic local fauna and flora of the Yucatan, this range of fresh and contemporary fragrances has been created after years of research by landscape gardener and perfumer, Nicholas Malleville, to produce the perfect, exotic, sensory experience. His interest and work in botany alongside Franciscan Monk tradition of perfumery created for the Spanish during the conquests has resulted in a highly successful range of perfumes for women of all ages.

And in fitting with Le Bazaar’s cool and fresh style, Coqui Coqui Perfumeria is the ideal addition to this chic boutique where the high fashion of Paris meets relaxed Holbox. A great gift to take home to remember the warmer climate of Holbox during those cool winter months.