Parador 33

From: 190 pesos
What to expect: Argentine |  Fusion |  Italian |  Modern |  Vegetarian |  Fish |  Seafood |  Pizza |  Pasta |  Empanadas |  Grill/BBQ |  Breakfast |  Pastries & cakes |  Homemade bread |  Coffee and tea

Restaurant Parador 33 brings the best of Uruguayan/Argentinian cooking to Holbox, offering a wonderful fusion of dishes and flavours for those with a palate for excellent quality food. Experienced in fine dining, owner and foodie himself, Benjamin, already has 3 other top-rated central restaurants in Mexico’s capital. How lucky we are that he decided to open Parador 33 here in Holbox.

One thing that particularly stands out about Parador 33 and its Italian-Argentinian cuisine is the quality of the ingredients used. All of the meat served in the restaurant is certified free-range and grass-fed, straight from the pampas of the Uruguayan countryside. And believe us, you can truly taste the difference. Their pasta is homemade and even the pizza dough has that special something – they only use Italian flour from Naples.

Open for breakfast and dinner, this remarkable eatery has a large menu to choose from. How about lobster eggs benedict for breakfast? Or maybe pick up some Nutella croissants or sweet pastries from their very own in-house bakery? The freshest fish or seafood, top-notch meat on the grill, or a tasty signature pizza for dinner? You really can’t go wrong with anything you pick. Are you a dessert fan? The milhojas – thousand leaves – cake with mascarpone mousse is to die for.

Parador 33 also believes that an excellent meal is always accompanied by plenty of good wine or spirits. 90% of their exclusive boutique Argentinian wine selection is from the best wineries in the country; your waiter will be happy to make suggestions as to what you should have with your meal.

A first-rate restaurant serving modern creative food.

We recommend you try

Main Course

Red wine fillet steak with a salt crust, served in a béarnaise sauce with pink peppercorns, and accompanied by potato or sweet potato wedges.


Perfect served with a bottle of El Enemigo Cabernet Franc.


Milhojas - thousand leaves - cake.

Credit cards accepted:  Visa Mastercard 
Amenities: English spoken
Opening Times: Mon-Sun 7am-11pm

Meat from the Pampas

Ever wondered why the beef from Uruguay and Argentina is deemed as the best in the world? What makes it taste that much better?

Uruguay has been called ‘one big farm’ in the past due to their great expanse of rolling countryside. The number of cattle in the country outnumbers the human population by four to one, and most is grass-fed and free to roam on the vast, open pastures (the humid pampas). Cows need exercise, and Uruguayan ones certainly get it.

Grass-fed cattle are said to be much healthier for us since the meat does not contribute to raising cholesterol in the same way. In other words, Uruguayan cows are left to live in more natural environments as cows should.

From South America to your plate in Holbox, try the difference in taste for yourself at Parador 33.