A beautiful view of the Holbox beach from an hotel room terrace

Accommodations in Holbox: find the hotel, hostel, campsite or vacation rental for a perfect stay

One of the most charming things about Holbox Island is that it is still relatively untouched in comparison to some of the other tourist resorts on the Riviera Maya.

Just six kilometers in length and one wide, the island has found the perfect balance of offering tourists a range of accommodation types without it seeming overcrowded. There is, however, a limited number of hotel rooms, so in high season around Christmas and Easter, it's highly recommended to book in advance, even if you're just backpacking.

There is something for everyone despite your budget; top-class, boutique hotels, award-winning hostels, classy apartments, private houses to rent, and even glamping (the new 'glamous camping' craze). Please see our listings below on the accommodation available in Holbox.



Casa Las Tortugas

Rooms from: 200USD

Palapas del Sol

Rooms from: 195USD

Casa Blat-ha

Rooms from: 63 USD

Casa Iguana

Rooms from: 100 USD

Hotel Beach Inn

Accomodation from: 255 pesos

Hotel Los Arcos

Rooms from: 700 pesos

Hotel Zomay

Rooms from: 100 USD

Mystique Blue Boutique Suites

Rooms from: 3800 pesos

Spirit Hotel

Rooms from: 122 USD

Villas El Encanto Holbox

Rooms from: 1500 pesos

Villas HM Palapas del Mar

Rooms from: 120 USD

Villas HM Paraiso del Mar

Rooms from: 120 USD

Villas Margaritas

Rooms from: 130 USD

Hostels & Camping

Be Holbox Hostel

Accomodation from: 325 pesos

Hotel Beach Inn

Accomodation from: 255 pesos

Balam Ecocamping

Accomodation from: 150 pesos

Camping Coconut

Accomodation from: 250 pesos

Hostal Casa Holbox

Accomodation from: 250 pesos

Hostal Ida y Vuelta

Accomodation from: 170 pesos

Hostel Che

Accomodation from: 300 pesos

Tribu Hostel

Accomodation from: 10 USD

Vacation Rentals

Casa Mariposa

Accomodation from: 200 USD

Lotus Apartments Holbox

Accomodation from: 1350 pesos

Room Cuarto Casa la Sirena

Casa Sirenas

Accomodation from: 1200 pesos
IK Hotel room

Hotel Residence IK'

Accomodation from: 60 USD


Accomodation from: 80 USD

Posada Chijaltún

Accomodation from: 1000 pesos

Villa Los Mangles

Accomodation from: 85 USD