A newly wed couple embrace in Holbox, photo by Jonathan Beiko Photography

Wedding planners, videographers and photographers in Holbox

When dreaming of your idyllic, destination wedding, what do you imagine? White beaches, a clear blue sea, luxury boutique hotels, and most importantly, just you and your bride or groom-to-be surrounded by friends and family. If this sounds familiar, Holbox could be the place for you.

Unlike other parts of the Riviera Maya, Holbox is still relatively untouched by mass tourism and, therefore, still holds that special charm we are sure you’re looking for. And while it may not have huge chain hotels like Cancun or Playa del Carmen, there are a number of wonderful options on the island which would be the perfect hosts for your special day.

As well as the right venue, it’s important to have the help you need to organize your wedding from a distance. There are companies and wedding planners on Holbox who have the contacts and experience to ensure your day runs smoothly, taking away all the stress.

Talented photographers and videographers are available on the island with lots of wedding experience. But it doesn’t need to be for a wedding. Maybe you just want to capture a special family moment here, a souvenir of your vacation in paradise. Why not organize a photo shoot of your birthday celebration, an engagement or even just you and the children jumping off the pier? Let the experts bring your experiences in Holbox to life through film.