Nativa Nature Park

Are you looking for a true, natural experience while in Holbox? You are in luck! Newly opened nature park, Nativa, offers four exciting adventures in one. Educational, fun, and most importantly, a day surrounded by nature at its best, Nativa Park is only 25 minutes from the Port of Chiquilá - the perfect day trip off the island without having to travel long distances.

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Nativa Park is located in the nearby village of Solferino and spreads over 75 hectares of natural landscape. Offering tours deep into the Mexican jungle in small, personalized groups with expert guides, Nativa guarantees the protection of the area’s fauna and flora and, as a result, a real look at the local scenery for visitors.

Depending on your interests and group, you can choose from four different day trips to the park – Sight, Drive, Hike, and Wild. For reservations, contact details and prices, go to the Nativa Park's page on our guide. Let’s explore the tour options in more detail:



Did you know that there are around 10,000 different species of birds in the world, 1000 of which you can find in Mexico, 500 in the Yucatan Peninsula, and 350 in the Holbox/Solferino area? For the bird enthusiasts amongst you, or those who would like to learn more about these special creatures in their natural habitat, the Sight tour is just for you.

This tour of five and a half hours starts early at 6am and includes a 2-hour birdwatching trek along the park’s walking trails as the sun comes up, views from a 20 metre panoramic tower with two observation platforms, a purification ceremony, tasty buffet breakfast and time in Nativa’s swimming pool area. Snacks and drinks, breakfast, an expert bilingual guide, lockers, and equipment (binoculars) are all included in the price.

A very special experience in a small group of maximum 14 people – enjoy the wonders of Mother Nature on foot.



Love nature, but prefer the thrill of an off-road drive to a hike? Nativa’s Drive tour is a fun and exhilarating journey through the local jungle – splash through the puddles, and maneuver up and over the tree trunks and hilly terrain.

On this tour, you’ll cross 4.6km of rough Mayan jungle in an ATVA Polaris, as well as walk along two nature trails to the park’s museum to learn about the local fauna and flora. There will be time to visit the panoramic observation tower too. There are two stops on your drive: the first at Nativa’s Melipona Beehive (a distinct non-stinging variety of bee), where you’ll get the opportunity to try fresh local honey; and the second at the park’s water treatment plant. As with all the tours, your bilingual guide, a buffet, snacks, equipment, and some relaxing pool time are included.

A maximum of 14 people per group and two tours a day at 9.30am or 1.30pm, drive yourself through nature on this memorable jungle tour.



What better way to learn and experience nature than a guided walk through special, wild countryside? On this adventure, you get to feel, smell, see, and hear nature first hand – an exploration for all of your senses.

On this tour, visitors get to explore seven themed walking trails – Time, Chicle (from the Sapodilla tree), Silence, Hug, Birds, Reptiles, and Animal. It also includes time in the park’s museum and swimming pool, a stop at the panoramic observation tower, and a buffet in the large covered palapa restaurant. All equipment, snacks, your guide, and lockers are included in the price.

Again, only a maximum of 14 people per group and two tours a day (8.30 and 11.30am), the Hike tour is a dreamy educational expedition through the local natural environment.



Nativa’s Wild tour is an unforgettable trip through the local terrain, including a 10km off-road drive through the jungle and canoeing on the magical Dakini Lagoon. If you are interested in experiencing it all while in the area, this special day out is just for you.

This tour of almost 6 hours has something for everyone. A long drive through some of Mexico’s most beautiful and untouched jungle, a trip on canoes to the extraordinary Lirios Oasis (Lily Oasis), as well as a visit to the panoramic observation tower and the park’s beehive to try some local honey (don’t worry, they are a distinct non-stinging variety of bee), pool time, and a buffet lunch. All your equipment, snacks, your guide, and lockers are included.

With small, personalized groups of only 14 people and two tours a day (9am and 1pm), the Wild tour is the crème de la crème – a sensational natural journey for all the family.