Bioluminescence Tour

Charles Darwin described this amazing phenomenon as, 'a wonderful and most beautiful spectacle', and that's exactly what it is.

Bioluminescence occurs when organisms, such as jellyfish, fish, or crustaceans, release light energy to make a chemical reaction. The most common bioluminescent organisms are those which create a sparkling phosphorescence on the surface of disturbed water. And it's this very special natural marvel that on the incredible night time bioluminescence tour leaves your skin glittering with stars and your movement creating patterns of shining light.

  1. Bioluminescence Tour Take a guided kayak tour 1km out to sea to a beautiful, and most importantly, completely dark sandbank (the best and only way to experience this phenomenon). The paddle out takes around 30 minutes and all equipment is provided. The tour lasts around 2 hours and includes drop-off at the main square in town after. *if the tour leaves after 12am, the price to/from the meeting point from your hotel is included. This is not the case before 12am.

We only use experienced and licensed operators and are on hand if you have any questions. Please be aware that many of these tours are dependent on nature and tours can be affected because of this. Some of the tours are also weather permitting so may need to be cancelled at short notice. We will do this by email or telephone as soon as we know and, of course, either send you a full refund or offer you an alternative date.

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Shared Tour


Tours begining past midnight $300 pesos extra
50 USD 
Dollar prices displayed are estimates. Final prices are those set in Mexican Pesos
  • Orientation
  • 30 minute paddle
  • Bioluminescence experience
  • Return
  • Drop Off in town centre Tours starting past midnight include drop off at hotel

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