Bioluminescence Tour

Charles Darwin described this amazing phenomenon as, 'a wonderful and most beautiful spectacle', and that's exactly what it is.

Bioluminescence occurs when organisms, such as jellyfish, fish, or crustaceans, release light energy to make a chemical reaction. The most common bioluminescent organisms are those which create a sparkling phosphorescence on the surface of disturbed water. And it's this very special natural marvel that on the incredible night time bioluminescence tour leaves your skin glittering with stars and your movement creating patterns of shining light.

There are things you should take into account to increase your chances of seeing the bioluminescence: the less light the better, so the darker the better. It is quite popular to go to Punta Cocos, where there are no lights. You can go there walking - it takes about 30 minutes from town - by bike or a short taxi ride. June to September is the best time of year to see this phenomenon.

Some tour operators offer boat rides to see the bioluminescence a bit farther away into the ocean, where there is even less light. While you can see the bioluminescence for yourselves on any quiet, unlit beach, the great thing about the tour is that you get to see it from the water itself (and sometimes on kayaks or SUP paddleboards). Be aware that the bioluminescence is more visible at new moon, so it is better to plan your tour beforehand and speak to the tour operators for advice.

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