If you’re here in Holbox, we suppose it’s because you enjoy spending time in the water. After all, being on a paradise island, what better way to pass an afternoon than in the warm, calm Caribbean Sea, right? Well, HolboXtreme has everything you need to take full advantage of your time on the beach.

Situated on luxury Hotel Las Nubes de Holbox's beach, this long-standing tour and watersports company is one of the most experienced on the island with more than four years working in and around the island. With such rental services as paddleboards and kayaks, HolboXtreme offers clients the highest quality equipment at very reasonable prices. They also have aquatic bicycles for you to try – a new and exciting way to get a little light exercise while on vacation no matter your experience.

As well as rentals, HolboXtreme also organises water-based tours, which are fun for all the family. Take a trip through the stunning mangroves of Holbox on kayak or paddleboard, or how about rowing through the incredible bioluminescence at night? It’s Mother Nature’s gift to Holbox and a truly unique experience you can’t miss.

HolboXtreme can help create memories you’ll never forget.



  1. Kayak Tour. From 800MXN pesos
  2. Bioluminescence Tour. From 800MXN pesos

Credit cards accepted:  American Express Mastercard Visa 
Amenities: English spoken |  On the beach |  Paddleboard/Kayak rental
Opening Times: Mon-Dom 10:00am-18:00pm

What is bioluminescence?

Charles Darwin described this amazing phenomenon as, ‘a wonderful and most beautiful spectacle’, and that’s exactly what it is.

Bioluminescence occurs when organisms, such as jellyfish, fish, or crustaceans, release light energy to make a chemical reaction. The most common bioluminescent organisms are those which create a sparkling phosphorescence on the surface of disturbed water. And it’s this very special natural marvel that on HolboXtreme’s incredible night time tour leaves your skin glittering with stars and your movement creating patterns of shining light.

A once-in-a-lifetime experience, this tour has received numerous raving reviews. Don’t leave Holbox without seeing it for yourself.