Flights Holbox

Flights Holbox

From: $50USD

Do you want to visit Holbox, but don’t fancy the long transfer by road? Then Flights Holbox can make your dreams come true. Take the air taxi from Cancun, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen or Tulum, and you could be in paradise within just 35-40 minutes. This professional company also offers tours to the most famous sites in the province as well as special day trips to various points around the Riviera Maya, including Holbox.

Their transfer service has a number of advantages. Not only is it fast, direct and flexible, the flights are arranged for you when you need them. Flights Holbox works with highly experienced pilots; their planes have all the documentation and certification necessary in order to fly commercially, and have regular maintenance checks - safety is their number one priority. Flights Holbox has two types of planes, the first carrying 1-5 passengers and the second, 1-13. Please be aware weight restriction apply, so ask about luggage before booking.

And the incredible views of Holbox from above are a huge added bonus. Want to see?

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Flights Holbox also arranges tours to and from the island. Is Chichén Itzá on your ‘to see’ list? Let Flights Holbox do everything for you, so that you can concentrate of enjoying your day at this most famous and visited archeological site in Mexico. There is no need to get up at the crack of dawn to miss the crowds; their organized tour will have you in the site in just over an hour and includes everything – the entrance fee to Chichén Itzá and a nearby cenote, an English/Spanish-speaking guide, a buffet lunch, and of course, a round trip flight to/from Holbox. And if you’re vacationing in the Riviera Maya and Holbox is your day trip of choice, Flights Holbox can take you there and back in the same day with plenty of time in between to take advantage of everything this beautiful island has to offer.

Quick, simple, professional. Flights Holbox just made your vacation to Holbox that little bit easier.

*You can contact Flights Holbox on their Mexican number either by phone or Whatsapp messaging. They also have a European Whatsapp number: +49 176 115 115 00

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Transfers: Air Taxi

Small Plane: up to 5 people
  • Holbox-Cancún: from 470 USD
  • Holbox-Playa del Carmen: from 560 USD
  • Holbox-Tulum: from 699 USD
  • Holbox-Cozumel: from 620 USD
  • Holbox-Merida: from 1290 USD

  • Cancún-Holbox: from 470 USD

  • Cancún-Playa del Carmen: from 370 USD
  • Cancún-Tulum: from 470 USD
  • Cancún-Cozumel: from 420 USD
  • Cancún-Merida: from 1200 USD
Big Plane: up to 13 people
  • Holbox-Cancún: from 1120 USD
  • Holbox-Playa del Carmen: from 1330 USD
  • Holbox-Tulum: from 1580 USD
  • Holbox-Cozumel: from 1580 USD
  • Holbox-Merida: from 3150 USD

*Prices are for the whole plane, not per person.

*All prices are one-way

*For more detailed pricing, visit Flight Holbox's website.


  • Chichén Itzá: from 360 USD per person (min. 3 people)
  • Day trips (round trips): from 470 USD per plane

*For more detailed information, visit Flights Holbox's website.

Opening Times: Flights: Mon-Sun 6am-6pm; Info: 7am-10pm