Holbox Homes

If you are going to buy land or a house abroad, it’s a good idea to get local advice – what are the best investment opportunities? Where should I start? How much should I expect to pay? Are these the kind of questions you are asking yourself? Holbox Homes can answer these for you.

Run by locals to Holbox, Holbox Homes was one of the first real estate agencies on the island with over 25 years’ experience. As this is their home too, they make an effort to ensure that all purchases are in line with the laws of this delicate nature reserve, encouraging a sustainable and ecological urbanisation of Holbox.

The team at Holbox Homes wants you to feel comfortable with your decision to invest here and is a strong advocate of providing valuable, yet honest advice to potential buyers. Tell them what you are looking for, and they will work hard to help you seize the opportunities Holbox as a growing market has to offer.

Holbox Homes has both inland and beachside plots available now. Call them directly with no obligation, or take a look at some of the current opportunities on their website. They are always happy to help.

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Opportunities in Holbox can go fast. Speak to the Holbox Homes' team directly to find out what they have on offer at the moment.

Credit cards accepted:  American Express Mastercard Paypal Visa 
Amenities: English spoken
Opening Times: Mon-Sun 11am-2pm; 4pm-9pm