El Sabor de las Nubes

From: 150 pesos
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Restaurant, El Sabor de las Nubes, forms part of Las Nubes, one of Holbox’s most iconic deluxe hotels. It is described as having sustainable luxury since it’s a high-quality hotel with all the comforts that come with this, but also has a belief in protecting Holbox’s delicate ecosystem. This wonderful, peaceful restaurant is a perfect example of what you would expect from such a first-class hotel: delicious food with fresh ingredients and a beautiful setting.

El Sabor de las Nubes sits on the hotel’s large open terrace at the farthest end of Holbox’s beautiful main beach. Due to its strategic position, this is one of the most relaxing parts of the island with no traffic, little noise and surrounded by nature. A wonderful place to dine from breakfast until dinner, the restaurant offers a spectacular view of the marvelous sandbank with access directly to the sea.

One thing that stands out about this delicious restaurant is that everything on the menu is handmade: bread, pastries, pasta. Fresh Mayan and Yucatec recipes from the region are served, but with a modern twist. Enjoy from a menu of tasty dishes, such as fillet of fish in a black, toasted pepper sauce, or lobster in a tequila salsa with Kahlua and saffron rice. There is also a range of yummy light salads, fresh pastas, snacks and ceviches to try during the day. And you won’t be disappointed by the wide selection of cocktails, wine and champagne on offer to accompany your meal in paradise.

El Sabor de las Nubes also has day passes to their beach club for all guests to the island with a price of $900 pesos. This includes access to the hotel’s swimming pools, their private beach with comfortable loungers and kayak rentals, and $600 pesos towards food and drink at the restaurant. If you’re a visitor to Holbox looking for peace and quiet and a wonderful place to spend the day, you'll love this experience.

And if you are celebrating an important occasion or just want to show that special person how much you love them, why not let El Sabor de las Nubes spoil you with a private dinner on their beach. A service of only one table a night, this unique dining experience is the epitome of romance – feet in the sand, waves brushing against the shore, and just the two of you under the stars.

We recommend you try


Motuleños eggs, a classic from the region.


Ravioli stuffed with Cochinita Pibil - a tasty marinated pork


Fresh lobster in a tequila sauce with a Kahlua and saffron rice or try the Chef's Special which includes a main dish, dessert and a glass of house wine for $500 pesos

Enjoy the day pass

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Amenities: On the beach
Opening Times: Mon-Sun 8am-10pm