El Chapulim

From: 270 pesos
What to expect: Mexican |  Signature cuisine |  Homemade bread

If you’re a foodie and are searching for a unique dining experience in Holbox, El Chapulim must be at the top of your list to visit. Open for over 7 years on the island, this special first-class eatery is extremely popular and with very good reason. Voted number one on Trip Advisor for Holbox restaurants, it also has a certificate of excellence and numerous outstanding reviews from happy customers.

The concept behind this quaint restaurant is quite original. Firm believers in only using the highest quality produce, El Chapulim does not have a menu – every day, lucky clients are offered a choice of 4 main courses, three delicious fish/seafood and one meat dish. Vegetarians are asked to pass by a day before, so that something equally as tasty can be created for you during your meal. The cocktail and juice menu is similar – choose from the small selection of wonderful freshly-made drinks on offer, and don’t forget the desserts: homemade daily with love. Believe us; you won’t miss having more options.

El Chapulim is the only restaurant on the island at which chef and owner, Erik, takes your order and describes what delights are on the menu that day. This incredibly personalized service adds to the exclusivity of your experience at the restaurant – every customer matters and the chef is keen to greet all guests personally. With a modern twist, the restaurant is deeply rooted in Mexican traditions.

So, how does this all have a positive effect on your meal? You are guaranteed to be served food with only the freshest of ingredients, as they are bought daily for that specific dish of the day. The food is rich in flavor with tasty sauces and is accompanied by delicious garlicy potatoes and a cold fruit appetizer. And as customer satisfaction is El Chapulim’s number one priority, the restaurant does not overbook; in fact, they do not take reservations – when the food runs out, the kitchen closes.

Fast and friendly service, quality fresh food and a truly distinctive dining experience in paradise – get there early!

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Come back more than once to try the meat and fish dishes!


Try the 'El Chapulim' cocktail: dark rum, mango, sparkling water, sugar and lemon.

Payment type:  Cash Only  |  Amenities: English spoken
Opening Times: Mon-Sat 6pm - when the food runs out

A restaurant with no menu

Why would a restaurant choose to have no menu, you ask? How will it affect my meal? Well, it all comes down to taste (quite literally).

On an island such as Holbox, which is slightly off the beaten track, it can be difficult to provide to the masses and ensure that your food remains fresh. There are no large supermarkets or suppliers where you can pick ingredients up easily. For that reason, chef and owner of El Chapulim, Erik, decided to create this original concept – no starters, just the chef’s tasty specials of the day with a choice of two accompanying flavorsome cocktails or fresh juices.

By running the kitchen in this way, the restaurant can base its dishes around what is fresh on that particular day. Holbox is a fishing village, after all, so expect the finest of seafood to choose from and lean cuts of meat, too. Plenty of benefits in terms of quality then, but you’ll also find the limited options quite liberating. It may even encourage you to try something that you would be unlikely to pick otherwise. Enjoy!