Clandestino Café

From: 50 pesos
What to expect: Bagels |  Coffee and tea |  Breakfast |  Homemade bread |  Pastries & cakes |  Desserts |  Sandwiches |  Smoothies

Clandestino Café is a small batch coffee roastery based in Holbox Island. They offer freshly harvested coffees to ensure only the most vibrant and transparent flavors possible. They work directly with the best coffee farmers in Mexico and roast coffee to highlight its best qualities.

At Clandestino, high-standard coffee quality is paired with seasonal menus and regular favorites such as the salmon bagel and the avocado toast. They also have a sophisticated selection of cakes and pastries which are baked freshly everyday. The place itself has a reliable Wi-Fi connection and A/C to give you a moment of respite from the caribbean heat.

The specialization in the business is noticeable, as they also have included a selection of coffee alternatives such as the matcha latte, hot or iced chocolate, a premium tea assortment, as well as different milk alternatives for vegan or lactose intolerant customers.

Additionally, if you find yourself enjoying the sun and relaxing at the beach Clandestino may yet surprise you again! They pour Nitro Cold Brew Coffee on tap everyday. Their coffee cart has revolutionized the coffee experience for island-goers as they continue to serve high-standard coffee in some of the most amazing places in the country.

Don't take our word for it, see for yourself!

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We recommend you try


Flat white, cappuccino or a cold brew


A delicious smoothie bowl

Something sweet

A slice of their tasty carrot cake


A salmon bagel or their avocado smash

Credit cards accepted:  American Express Mastercard Visa 
Amenities: English spoken |  Speaks German |  Takeaway |  WIFI |  Air conditioning
Opening Times: Mon-Sun: 8am-6pm