COVID 19 PCR and Rapid Antigen Tests in Holbox

These prices are set by the laboratory in Cancun and the Medical Center in Holbox.

We can now help your organise a PCR test with accompanying ISO 9000 certificate on the island. This is in conjunction with one of the top and most reputable labs in Cancun. The results are guaranteed within 36 hours. The price is as follows:

  • 36 hours: 120 USD plus a 200 Mexican peso booking fee.

The cost of the test includes the laboratory fees in Cancún, emergency transportation of the swab to Cancun from the island, and the doctor's fees for taking the swab at your hotel. Here is a little more info about this service:

  1. The test results come with an ISO 9000 certificate and a personal QR Code.
  2. The tests are 100% trustworthy and cover all the CDC´s prerequisites for return flights to the USA and Europe.
  3. All tests must be taken between 9am and 12pm. Swabs will then be transported to Cancun.
  4. The doctor will send your results directly to your email.

There are also rapid antigen tests available with results on the same day. The cost is 40USD plus a 200 pesos booking fee.

In order to reserve for a specific date, you must pay the booking fee (paid in Mexican pesos through our website). The remaining balance in US dollars should be paid directly to the doctor on the date of your test. If you would like to book, contact us through our online chat, Whatsapp, or email with the following information and we will send over a quote to pay the reservation fee:

  1. Your name and email address.
  2. The number of people who need the test.
  3. The name of your hotel on the island.
  4. The date you need the test (be aware these must be taken between 9am and 12pm).
  5. Your preferred test time.
  6. Your preferred test type (PCR or antigen)