Flights to Holbox

Avioneta privada en Isla Holbox en la pista aérea lista para transportar a pasajeros al aeropuerto de Cancún.

The fastest way to get to/from Holbox is by plane. There are direct flights to Holbox available from Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, Merida, and Cancun Airport. There are three different flight options to consider:

a. Private plane: Most flights to/from Holbox are precontracted private planes; you pay for the whole plane, not per person. There are two different sizes both with weight restrictions. The small place carries up to 5 people and a maximum weight of 400KG; the large plane can take up to 12 people with a maximum weight of 850KG. With the private services, you choose the time of flight you would prefer. Be aware that there are some extra airport taxes when travelling to Holbox (not from).

b. Shared flight: Every Saturday, there is a shared flight to/from Cancun Airport to/from Holbox. With this service, the price is per person. The flight times are 11.30am to Holbox, and 12.30pm return to the airport.

c. Last-minute flights: There is the possibility of getting a lucky last-minute flight to/from Holbox. The times and route for these are usually available the week before up to the day of travel. It is important to understand how these promotional offers work in order to be clear before booking. The dates and times of these flights are subject to a client reserving a private service from/to the island. For example, Customer 1 buys a private service from Cancun Airport to Holbox for a Saturday at 11.30am. As this plane must return to Cancún, the airline offers promotional deals on this route. In the case of my example, it would be for the same Saturday from Holbox to Cancún Airport around 12.30pm. Due to the reliance on the ‘original customer’, there can be late changes to these services. If the original client cancels the day before, or the flight time changes, the promotional last-minute flights will be affected too. This isn’t common, but it is a possibility.

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