HOLBOX is a great town for eating!

It’s no secret that food is one of the main attractions in Holbox, but can you enjoy this part of the island when you’re vegetarian or vegan? The short answer to that is: yes, of course!

There are many alternatives for non-meat eaters, organic food lovers and even gluten-free folks. You will find that many restaurants offer veggie and vegan friendly dishes, and you can also shop at the market and other stores to make your own, delicious meal.

There are several restaurants that offer fruit salads for breakfast, but if you want to switch it up and try something different, the tamales at Abominable María are a great choice. Ask for the rajas con queso or the sweet ones, they have no meat!

NÁAY is perhaps the only restaurant in Holbox aimed specifically at veggies and healthy food lovers. The main item on its menu is a bowl that you get to put together yourself, choosing from a list of fresh vegetables, grains, protein that ranges from spicy chicken to falafel, toppings and dressings. There are also vegetarian sandwiches and warm bowls available.

You can find decent options for dinner at places like Pura Vida, with some veggie sushi rolls, or the no-meat Natural Roots pie at Roots pizzas. Don’t sleep on the killer cauliflower tacos at Barba Negra or the vegetarian burrito at TacoQueto. If it’s gluten you’re worried about, try the tasty, gluten-free pasta at Los Peleones.

Speaking about gluten-free, you’ll find several of these products at Besa, a store that also sells organic quinoa, artisanal honey, healthy snacks and several other goods that you may be surprised to find in Holbox.

Of course, you can always just go veggie shopping at La Concepción or the local market at Damero street, all kinds of produce are available for you to create your own meal.

Eating veggie in Holbox is easy and you can still enjoy the town’s renowned food scene. Ask around, browse the menus and enjoy!