Keep fit

After all that delicious food and lazy days on the beach, maybe you'll fancy burning off a few calories for an hour or so during your holiday.

If you want to take a class, there is plenty to choose from. Energetic Zumba classes, a true Holboxeño experience, Infinity workouts, dance classes at the local community centre, martial arts classes and more. There is also a new, fully-equipped gym on Holbox for those of you who don't want to forget about your daily gym routines.

If you want something less full on, there are daily yoga and/or Pilates classes available on Holbox with highly experienced and accredited yogis. Many often organise retreats throughout the year, too, if this is something you want to come back to Holbox for in the future.

Keep an eye on our events page for all classes available throughout the week, including timetable, prices and location. And if you want to find other ways to stay active while in Holbox, check out our other activity pages for more information on walking/bike tours, running, water sports and more.