Sunrise in Holbox

A fisherman in his fishingboat at dawn in Holbox's Laguna Conil

Holbox might be known for it's increadible sunsets but if you are one to see when dawn spreads out her fingertips of rose you will not be disapointed by the our sun's morning shows.

As we know the sun rises in the East and that means the best views are on the lagoon side, or having an early dip on the beach some 20 metres from the shore.

Here are some of your favourite places:

  1. The pier: just as it is great for seeing the sunset, the wooden pier in Holbox dubbed "Whale Shark Pier" is a great place to visit in the early hours. Make your way to the end and watch the show.
  2. The Marina: As Helio peeks his head over the mangroves and the lagoon, this is a great place to go set up a tripod and start the day. Our favourite wooden dock is the last little one furthest east from the ferry right in-between the mangroves.
  3. The Salina: This is one that few people ever visit, there is a small lagoon called the Salina, a block from Paseo Kuka which of bird lovers is a treasure trove. (bring plenty of repelent and don't walk too close to the edge: deep mud and crocs)
  4. Punta Ciricote and Punta Coco: Head out on your bicicle with your fishing rod on your back and a camera. The views and tranquility here are what Holbox mornings are about. If you must take a golf cart please park away from the shore and walk to help preserve our island.
  5. On a fishing trip: For those real early birds who love fishing you'll get the lions share of the views. Whether in the Conil/Yalahao Lagoon or heading out to a secret fishing cave this is where you'll get the best views

Note: Just after the sun rises, the mosquitos come out, so we recommend making sure you take appropriate measures with clothing and repellents