Bike or walking tour

Ride or walk to some of the most beautiful parts of the island and discover Holbox the natural way. Check out below one of our favourite routes. You'll need your handy Holboxeño map to guide you (so if you haven't got one yet, ask in your hotel).

Punta Cocos Route: Walking leisurely, this should take around 1.5 hours, there and back. Don't forget to take a screen shot of this page to follow when you're out and about.

  1. Start off in the main square by the acoustic amphitheatre. Take a ride around the square first to get your bearings. Stop off and poke your head into the church while you're passing.
  2. Go to one of the mini-supers (they're all on the map) and get some water and'll need them.
  3. From Moguel's on the corner of the main square (Ref: S22, M11), head down towards the beach passing A Mar Café on your left (Ref: R14, Q21) - amazing brownies by the way.
  4. Just before getting to the beach, you'll pass Bar Hot Corner (Ref: R5, Q20). Make a mental note of this place. It has a great atmosphere in the evening and they have regular events. Check our events page for more info.
  5. Take a quick detour to your right and go up the pier to have a look at the island from a different angle.
  6. Just by here is Patito Bikes Holbox. If you want to rent some, they have some great 'fat bikes' making the ride along the sand much easier!
  7. From there, go back the way you came, following the shoreline. You'll pass all the hotels on your left.
  8. When you get to El Chiringuito (Ref: R8, D1) at Hotel Zomay, the beach will curve around to the left. You'll start to pass some large pretty houses to admire on your way and will notice the beach becoming quieter and quieter.
  9. There are many breakers going into the sea. Stop off and have a rest. Wander up one of the breakers, sit down and contemplate where you are. We rarely have time to do this in our busy lives.
  10. Carolinda Beach Club (Ref: R7, C1) is nearby here. If you're hungry, stop by for yummy snack and a drink. They have loungers, hammocks and terraces to enjoy during the day. Casa Blat Ha (Ref: H6, C1) is just off the beach and is worth a visit to see their garden and outdoor restaurant. They also have daily yoga on the terrace.
  11. When you get to Golden Paradise, depending on the tide, you may need to paddle through the sea to continue on your way, passing under the hotel's exterior staircase. Look for some little fish while you do so. If you're on a bike, you may need to turn up onto the road parallel to the beach here in order to reach Punta Cocos. Follow the map and ride straight down Calle Cherna. If you're on foot, keep going along the beach.
  12. Just past there, you'll get to Chimay. We love this part of the beach. It's rugged, natural. Check out the half-destroyed buildings falling into the sea, painted with wonderful phrases. Search for the iguanas hiding beneath the rocks.
  13. Apart from the odd house, or fellow walker, you'll have much of this beach to yourself. At certain times of year, there will be seaweed, trees to pass in the sea – see the beauty in this. It's how a natural beach should be! Try to find a prehistoric crab some times you'll see their shells on the beach. They shed these when they grow (kind of like snakes).
  14. You'll notice on your map, a section of the beach is shaded in orange as you reach Calle Cornuda. At this point, you'll have to turn off the beach and walk up Calle Cherna to get to Punta Cocos. It's a protected area where birds come to nest. Please respect our nature!
  15. When you finally reach Punta Cocos, you can really take in the view. It's so beautiful and peaceful. Walk up the beach to the left and have a look at the lagoon behind.
  16. You can either come back the way you came, or follow the roads parallel to the beach. When you get back into town, you definitely deserve a cocktail and a snack. Have a look at our restaurant pages for inspiration and our events page for 2 for 1 offers on drinks.

Businesses mentioned on the tour: