Art Mural Tour 1

One thing that really stands out when you take a walk around Holbox's little town is the vibrant colours, and much of this is down to the many beautiful murals which adorn the houses and businesses.

Since 2014, there has been an international art festival on the island to which celebrated artists from around the globe have been invited to create their masterpieces. As we love these so much, we've created a wonderful walking tour of Holbox's art; we hope you love them as much as we do! See the gallery above for photos of the murals in order of the tour – this will help you find them more easily. This is only part 1 of the art mural tour, so if you want to see more, check out part 2 also in the sightseeing section of the guide.

You will need a handy Holboxeño map, so if you haven't got one yet, ask at your hotel reception for one. Don't forget to take a screen shot of this page to follow when you're out and about.

  1. Start off in the main square. It is here where you will find the first 4 murals on our walking tour. Step behind the acoustic amphitheatre and admire the decorated dome. If you're facing the dome from behind, to your left, you'll see a sheltered area where mural number two (an abstract man fishing) can be found. Walk towards the basketball court: on the sides of the seating area, can you find murals 3 and 4 – a bird's eye and a small girl with a mask?
  2. Before leaving the square, make a mental note of a few places to come back to here: Pura Vida Sushi Roots Bar (Ref:R47, Q21) with 2x1 cocktails every day and a range of delicious dishes; and Oliver's (Ref: R42, R21) - an American-style diner great for families.
  3. Mural number 5 is one of the most celebrated on the island. From the main square, take Calle Tiburón Ballena towards the beach. You'll find it just past Et Voila (Ref:R88, N11) and before Básico Cocina de Playa (Ref: R22, Q21) on your right. Keep a mental note of where these two restaurants are for later...we are sure you'll want to come back for a tasty sandwich at Et Voila (Ref: R30, Q21) or watch the mixology show at Basico during the evening (the cocktails taste as good as they look).
  4. From there, continue walking towards the beach. When you get to Calle Pedro Joaquin Codwell, turn left. Mural number 6 is on your right by El Cafecito. The focaccias are extremely yummy here, by the way!
  5. Murals 7-16 are all around this little strip. From El Cafecito, keep walking parallel to the beach along Calle Pedro Joaquin Codwell. On the corner with Calle Esmedregal on your left, there are two murals on each side of the street (7 and 8). Walk a little up Calle Esmedregal (turning left from Pedro Joaquin) as far as Avenida Damero, and murals 9 and 10 are on either side of the street by restaurant Miriam. This is a great little eatery with very fresh fish. Take a U-turn and walk back the way you came towards the beach, cross Avenida Pedro Joaquin Codwell and on your left opposite restaurant Las Panchas you'll see murals 11 and 12. Las Panchas is an institution on Holbox and is a must while on vacation here.
  6. Next to Las Panchas, you'll see the Bakery Dulces Encanto. Pop your head in. You won't be able to resist their cakes and sweet breads!
  7. Go back onto the main Avenida Joaquin Codwell and continue walking a little further. The last three murals in this area are on your left. Two of these belong to businesses - Hostel Bucaneros and Veterinaria Isla Holbox. We love the graffiti-style of the hostel and the painted animals on the veterinary are adorable.
  8. Continue walking parallel to the beach on the same avenida, passing Tribu Hostel and bar on your right (Ref: H4, O20). If you fancy coming back here later in the evening, we highly recommend it –they have regular daily events – check out our events page for more info. When you get to the corner of Calle Tintorera, by Casa Impala on the right (Ref: H71, K11), you͛ll see mural number 16. This one is another of the more famous on the island.
  9. Now turn up Calle Tintorera. Stop by the animal shelter (Ref: S20, D1) while you͛re passing to say hello to the friendly dogs and resident raccoon, and make a donation if you can. They people who run and work at the shelter are angels and as a community, we owe them so much for all the incredible work they do.
  10. Now turn left onto Avenida Damero, taking a quick stop at mural 17 on your left before turning right onto Calle Canane. Here you'll find murals 18 and 19.
  11. When you get to the corner of Calle Canane and Calle Porfirio Diaz, turn left and head back into town. Mural 20 is on your right just after the turning, while 21 and 22 are further up on Restaurant La Isla del Colibri by the main square.

For Part 2 of this tour, go back to the sightseeing tab.

Businesses mentioned in the tour: